T2 Vent-Fit Speaker Kit

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Product Overview

Improve your roadtrip music enjoyment with our vent-fit speaker pods (MK2 Version)! 
All T2 buses, regardless of the quality and power of the soundsystems fitted, have the same cabin sound problem when travelling at higher speeds. Voices, podcasts, and radio are inaudible, muffled, and unpleasant to listen to due to the high background noise of the vehicle. 
The problem is compounded by the footwell speaker location in most buses, which means the audio source is blocked and doesn't have a clear pathway to the drivers ears.
This is where our T2 Vent-fit speaker kits can drastically improve your audio experience on a roadtrip! A full-range (bass, treble, and mid) speaker is located in the dashboard vent, pointed directly at the driver/passenger & held in place by the original VW vent for a super clean installation. 
This full range speaker unit (Bass, Mid, & High) will project audio sound waves directly where they are needed; therefore much lower volumes are required and you will experience much improved audio clarity at speed, especially when listening to podcasts or radio. While travelling, the vent speakers will provide a balanced and clear sound quality allowing you to enjoy vocals and detailed sound in a way that is simply not possible using the much larger footwell speakers.
The speaker components used are of high quality and german made. Our components have not been chosen based on maximum power output or volume, but instead to give a balanced, detailed sound which creates an audible improvement at the drivers' ears in normal driving scenarios. 
Furthermore, the vent function is retained as the air can flow around the outside of the speaker pod, and the vents can still be rotated and directed as required. The speaker pod body is designed to be as streamlined as possible to retain as much airflow as we could. 
Installation: Other than a very small hole which is required for the speaker wiring to your head unit, the speaker unit itself simply clips into your existing vents and almost no tools are required for installation. Please note that you will need to remove the flap which blocks/closes the vent, so this vent function will no longer be available. Installation takes under 30 minutes. 
For wiring, these speakers should usually be fitted in series with your existing door speakers, or you may choose to use them as your only front speakers. If wiring in series, it is just a case of locating the wiring from the head unit to each door speaker and cutting ONE wire, and installing the vent speaker in line. Our wires are marked red and black, for positive and negative.
Available to buy in a pair or a single speaker, your kit includes:
  • Self-contained 4 Ohm Vent-fit speaker pod (single or pair)
  • 1.3m of co-axial speaker cable (attached to the unit)
  • Snap-fit connectors for easy installation with your existing wiring. 
  • Full installation instructions and wiring suggestions.

Speaker Specification:

  • Maximum Power - 12 Watts
  • Rated Power - 10 watts
  • Impedence - 4 Ohms
  • Frequency response - 120Hz to 20,000Hz
  • Mean sound pressure - 81dB
  • Size - 60mm x 60mm. 
  • Cable - 18 AWG (1.3 meters length supplied)
Designed and hand assembled in the UK. 30 day returns accepted. 
Vents can be purchased seperately from our VW Parts section. 


(2 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Fabulous speakers

    Posted by Grant Coates on 22nd Jul 2024

    Fabulous speakers, discreet but powerful enough to make a real difference to the sound in my VW Baywindow van. Highly recommend.

  • 5
    These speakers make such a difference!

    Posted by Grant Coates on 1st Jun 2024

    Fitted these beauties yesterday and took out for a test run today… what a difference they make. Instead of having the door speakers blaring, you can turn them down and listen with clarity I didn’t think was possible in my bay window. Would highly recommend, they were really easy to fit, they are so discreet but they let you know they are there the second the stereo is turned on.